IFTTT for developers

Reshuffle is an open source, event-driven framework to integrate with services such as AWS, Google Spreadsheets, Twilio, and many others.

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const { Reshuffle } = require('reshuffle')
const { IMAPConnector } = require('reshuffle-imap-connector')
const { SMTPConnector } = require('reshuffle-smtp-connector')

const app = new Reshuffle()
const imap = new IMAPConnector(app, imapServerOptions, 'connectors/IMAP')
const smtpConnector = new SMTPConnector(app, smtpServerOptions, 'connectors/SMTP')

imap.on({ mailbox: 'INBOX' }, async (event, app) => {
  const originalEmailSender = event.mail.headers.get('from').text
  const subject = event.mail.headers.get('subject')
  const inReplyTo = event.mail.headers.get('message-id')
  await smtpConnector.send({
    to: originalEmailSender,
    text: 'Thank you for your email! We will get back to you shortly',



Reshuffle connects to every system inside and outside your organization. You can use one of the built in connections, or build your own.

Open Source

Reshuffle is free to use under the MIT license. You can clone it from out GitHub Repo.

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Reshuffle has an enterprise version which offers a web based IDE and management system.

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Express changed the way we build websites. Reshuffle reinvents the way we integrate systems into workflows.