IMAP Connector


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npm install reshuffle-imap-connector

Reshuffle IMAP Connector

This connector provides the Reshuffle framework with IMAP email fetching capabilities.

Configuration Options:

interface IMAPConnectorConfigOptions {
  host: string // The imap host
  port: number // The imap port
  user: string // User to the host. This is normally an email address
  password: string // User password
  tls: boolean // Whether to use TLS to the server
  tlsOptions: Record<string, any> // Any TLS options required by the server 
  markSeen: boolean // Whether the connector should mark the messages as seen after fetched

Connector events

Email Received (default)

The connector fires this event when an email arrives.


const options = { mailbox:'INBOX' }
const handler = (event) => {
// event.context is an object with
// {
//    mailbox
//    mail: {
//      headers
//      body: {
//        html
//        text
//        textAsHtml
//      }
//    }
//  }
myImapConnector.on(options, handler)
Email Received Event configuration

The event configuration takes an attribute mailbox (which is usually a folder in your email client). Default mailbox is 'INBOX'

Example on how to use this connector can be found here.