SMTP Connector


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npm install reshuffle-smtp-connector

Reshuffle SMTP Connector

This connector provides the Reshuffle framework with SMTP email sending capabilities.

Configuration Options:

interface SMTPConnectorOptions {
  fromName: string // The sender name to appear on outgoing emails
  fromEmail: string // The sender email address to appear on outgoing emails
  host: string // SMTP host
  port: number // Port number for the host. Normally 587
  username: string // Username to login to the SMTP host
  password?: string // Password to login to the SMTP host

Connector actions

The SMTP connector provides the following actions:


send an email message defined by the message parameter. SMTPConnector.send(message: EmailMessage) The EmailMessage type expects the following:

interface EmailMessage {
  to: string // Recipient email address
  subject: string // Message subject
  html: string // message content
  attachments?: Attachment[]

Example on how to use this connector can be found here.